Our story

The story behind the brand

It all started around Christmas time, in 2016. Lucia (Elba's daughter) and Océane (Nicole's daughter), whom were in the same class, went to several birthday parties together. Each time Nicole thought "Lucia really has nice shoes: high quality & great design". And one day she actually asked Elba about it. The answer was surprising for her : all of Lucia's shoes came from Spain. Each time Elba traveled there, she brought back tones of them for her daughter & her friends. Nicole was actually so amazed that she thought this could be a business. She presented the idea to Elba whom was very into it. And a week later they decided to go for it! So in January 2017, just few short weeks later, they started their company - Arcoiris Shoes. They traveled to Spain to visit some factories (15 to be precise) and selected 5 family factories that will produce their designs. They also began to sketch the shoes, do all the paperwork & look for a proper name.
And this how it all started...! 

< Nicole >

Nicole, co-founder of ArcoIris & mum of Océane and Inès, is our Business & Strategy Director. Nicole holds an International Business Management Masters Degree from the University of Paris (UPEC) and used to manage international trade exhibitions around Europe, Asia and Middle East. 
What else do you need to know about her ?
She is addicted to Japanese food, bright colors & exotic patterns. She used to work in fashion and she designs her own clothes & jewelry since she was a kid. So yes, her husband had to give up his side of the closet... But together they share something else : caritative associations - that they developed together to help poor children around the world - and also traveling to discover new places with their daughters.
Her mantra: "We only have one life So make the most of it”.

< Elba >

Elba, co-founder of Arcoiris Shoes & mum of Lucia, is our Operations & Sales Director. Along with Nicole, she designs the shoes & oversees events. Elba holds a Veterinary Surgeon Doctor Degree and used to work in high security laboratory in Spain. She also has more than 15 years experience within management & coordination of big sport events (especially tennis - ATP tournaments), across Europe & Asia.

What else should you know about her ? 
She loves sports and she is passionate about cooking. Together with her husband & daughter, she likes to sing, to dance, to fill their life with color, music & happiness. From little details to clothes, decoration & even plants, colorful is their favorite word!
Her mantra: "Filling life with joy makes it better!"